Puffy Foam Mattresses: A Review

If you’ve ever considered replacing an existing mattress with one made out of memory foam, you’re in good company. Foam mattresses are unlike any other type of mattress on the market and offer support like no others. They are firm enough to provide you with the support you need yet so comfortable that they feel like you’re sleeping on a huge air pocket. Of course, the biggest reason why so many people choose this type of mattress is because you can be one of those sleepers who flops around in the bed all night long and not disturb your partner, but this is not the only advantage of a memory foam mattress.

Why Get a Memory Foam Mattress?

The best foam mattress is usually made out of a visco-elastic material, which is a material that conforms perfectly to your body as you sleep and even as you move around on the mattress. This type of foam is soft and comfortable yet doesn’t move around or shake as you shift from one position to another, and regardless of how much you do move around, your partner will never be inconvenienced by your activity.

Visco-elastic material molds to your body according to the amount of pressure each body part places on the mattress, which means your weight is always spread evenly across the mattress so that you are 100% comfortable and well-supported. Because of this, your body doesn’t have any pressure points or pain in certain areas but is comfortable regardless of which position you sleep in. Memory foam mattresses, therefore, are perfect for all types of sleepers, whether you sleep on your back, your stomach, or your side.

Because of all of these factors, the quality design of a memory foam mattress helps get rid of any aches and pains you might be suffering with, so if you consistently wake up with neck, shoulder, or lower-back pain, a good memory foam mattress just might be the solution to your problem. The materials used in this type of foam are specifically designed to relieve pressure in certain parts of your body, so they do a great job in relieving all types of soreness for those sleepers who constantly wake up in pain.

Other Advantages Are Equally Important

Comfort and less pain are great reasons to purchase a memory foam mattress, but there are other reasons as well. For one thing, these types of mattresses help align the spine much better, which helps you remain in a much healthier position as you sleep. This also results in a much more restful sleep, which means you’ll wake up feeling much more relaxed and refreshed day after day. 

Foam mattresses also tend to keep a comfortable temperature throughout the night, which means you’ll stay cool in the summer and warm during the winter months. The special foam adjusts to your body temperature so that you are comfortable regardless of what the temperature is outside. This means no more sweating in the summer time or shivering during the winter.

Finally, foam mattresses offer the best night of sleep you’ve likely had in a while because the materials used to make the foam are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, so even people who suffer with allergies can get a good night’s sleep night after night. Healthier and better for you all the way around, a foam mattress is good for everyone regardless of what you’ve experienced in the past. If you’re interested in the foam mattress brand known as Puffy, keep reading because below are some things you need to know about each of their three mattress types.

1) The Puffy Mattress

The standard Puffy mattress is great for all types of sleepers and offers perks such as:

  • A trial period of 101 nights, which means you can try it out for nearly four months before you decide if you’d like to keep it for good.

  • You get a lifetime warranty on the mattress, so if you ever decide it isn’t working for you, all you have to do is contact the company for a refund.

  • You don’t need a box spring just to enjoy your Puffy mattress. It can be placed directly on a bed frame or even slats, adjustable frames, and more.

For the best sleep possible, nothing beats a memory foam mattress, and the standard Puffy mattress starts at just $495 for a twin size, which means these mattresses are affordable for everyone. The mattress is available in six different sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. This is why regardless of your size or your mattress preferences, you’ll always be able to find the exact size you need to provide you with the comfort and support you need and deserve.

With the Puffy mattress, not only will you fall asleep faster but you’ll stay asleep a lot longer as well, and in fact, most customers notice a big difference in the way they sleep and feel on the very first night. Puffy allows you to sleep with a partner or even a pet without even realizing they’re there, and if you’re looking for a foam mattress with plenty of 5-star ratings, you simply can’t beat this one.

In fact, some very common comments left by customers include their lack of back or other types of pain upon waking up, the big difference they noticed the first time they used the mattress, and how perfect the mattress is for anyone who sleeps with a partner, whether that partner is human or canine!

2) The Puffy Lux Mattress

Naturally, the Puffy Lux mattress has all of the same excellent quality features of the standard mattress, but there are some differences as well. Of the three main types of Puffy mattresses, this is by far the most popular one and offers a medium-range type of mattress that will accommodate nearly everyone’s needs. The Lux mattress is a full 12 inches thick and is made up of four layers of comfort that combine to make the perfect comfortable, supportive mattress.

The firmness level of the Lux mattress is right in the middle between the softest and the firmest type of foam mattress, so it is neither too soft nor too firm for all sleepers. With increased contouring and enhanced support, this medium-firm mattress provides tons of support and comfort without being too thick, too thin, or too firm. The four layers include a base layer that provides firm core support, a second layer designed to keep the mattress at the perfect temperature all year around, a third layer that is like a special cooling cloud, and a top layer that is plush and exclusive just to this mattress and none of the others.

The Lux mattress is made out of climate-adaptive materials, provides enhanced spinal alignment, comes with a luxury cover, and offers a high-density transition comfort level to keep you super comfortable the entire time you’re asleep. Their prices start at around $1,145 for a twin size mattress, and the company offers excellent financing options for those who don’t wish to pay cash, meaning this incredible foam mattress can cost you as little as $64 per month.

If you’re looking for an affordable, supportive, and super-comfortable foam mattress that offers a medium firmness level so you can immediately enjoy better sleep, the Puffy Lux mattress is the one you want.

3) The Puffy Royal Mattress

Starting at $1,345 for a twin mattress, the Puffy Royal mattress contains infused cooling beads to keep you comfortable regardless of the season, and the mattress’s thickness of 14 inches means you’re not going to get a weak or thin mattress that doesn’t help you get a much better night’s sleep. Its 1.5-inch cooling layer is perfect whether you usually find it cool or warm before you get up in the morning. Not only is heat retention greatly reduced, but the mattress offers very consistent sleep so that you feel refreshed every morning when you wake up.

The third layer of the Puffy Royal mattress is made out of the same advanced cooling properties as the Puffy Lux mattress, which includes a steady airflow throughout the mattress so that you are comfortable night after night, season after season. The Royal mattress is separated into five different cloud zones, providing firmer support to areas such as the back and softer support to areas such as the head, neck, shoulders, and the feet area.

With minimization of heat absorption and the ability to accommodate all types of sleepers, the Puffy Royal mattress is worth every penny you spend on it, and its high-tech qualities can help you sleep much better starting the very first night you sleep on it. If you consistently wake up with aches and pains or find yourself tossing and turning night after night, this mattress can be the answer to your prayers. 

In addition to all of these advantages, the Royal mattress cover makes keeping the mattress clean a breeze, and if you’re looking for a quality memory foam mattress that consistently gets 5-star reviews from real-life customers, this is the mattress you’ve been waiting for all these years.